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Concrete Rehabilitation is a Cost Effective Solution

18. februar 2019

In recent years, MOMEK Group has built up a unit aimed at concrete rehabilitation

With Momek’s focus on concrete rehabilitation, we focus especially on projects within bridge and quay constructions as well as the mining and smelting industry.

At the heart of the venture, we have gone to the acquisition of the most powerful and modern equipment in water-spraying technology. This method, which briefly removes selected poor concrete and allows the reinforcement to remain undamaged, is very useful in projects in the aforementioned sectors.

The technology can be used for many purposes

There are many uses for concrete rehabilitation compared to demolition and rebuild. We mention a few: 

  • Rehabilitation of a worn-out industrial floor where you can remove 7-8 cm of damaged concrete, the reinforcement remains, and you can quickly make a new mold.
  • Replacing edge girders (the attachment area of ​​a bridge deck), where it is removed with water chisel and maintains the important reinforcement in the bridge deck.
  • Quays and bridges in a maritime environment, prone to corrosion from salt sea, often see rusted reinforcement and extruded concrete. Here you can rehabilitate these areas by removing the bad concrete, you get washed out salt / chlorides from concrete, rust on reinforcement, and you can then concrete spray or cast in the damage

Skill and experience

Over time, we have carried out many complete bridge and kaire habilitations with, for example, tire moldings, swapping of edge girders, delivery and mounting of bridge trusses and other reinforcements and steel structures.

Often we are a subcontractor and carry out water chiselling for the larger national operators.

We have put together a team of skilled, skilled concrete workers with long experience. Several of these have completed the R-course (Concrete Rehabilitation) and are certified operators for the water-chisel equipment.

We serve all of Norway

Our geographical impact area is all over Norway and we will always deliver that little extra of service and customer satisfaction that is a trademark of MOMEK Group.

Marius Reinsnes
Team Leader Concrete Rehabilitation

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