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MOMEK Civil rehabilitates Rana Ungdomsskole

18. July 2019

From the left, assistant project manager Knut Bratland, construction manager Terje Johannessen, site manager Thomas Henriksen and project manager Jørgen Nordås.

Another project for Rana kommune

On Monday, May 6, the large-scale rehabilitation of Rana Youth School at Stormyra in Mo i Rana started, first with the D-wing, and at June 24, the A and B wing was opened for rehabilitation. The work will continue throughout the summer, and Jørgen Nordås is the project manager at MOMEK Civil for the comprehensive project.

“The project consists of several buildings. The old gym wing (D-wing) will be totally rebuilt into offices, administration and other special rooms such as media- and music rooms. We have to do a lot of concrete demolition and move walls, doors and windows. The rehabilitation of the A-B wing is not as extensive as the D-wing, but the area itself is considerably larger. For all buildings, selected surfaces and facades will be refurbished.”

Project size and complexity increased

The project has grown in size gradually. 10-15 people were planned on the project initially. Now there are over 30 workers in play.

“Since the building will be used by the pupils from school-start in august, the project has short deadlines and tight planning. The project has grown in size and become considerably more extensive than at the start. First 10-15 workers were allocated to the project, but we are now counting over 30. Not everything will be ready before the school starts, but we are working both late and early to get as much as possible done.”

Old building

The buildings are old and have also undergone rehabilitation earlier.

“The school was built in 1952 and has been rehabilitated earlier. The old drawings of the buildings are therefore just giving us some of the informations we need. We can never be sure how it looks inside the walls until we tear them down and work through the building. To avoid unecessary delays we run a close dialogue between everyone involved so that we can find the best solutions fast.”

Comprehensive modernization

The rehabilitation requires many different disciplines in play and there are many professionals working side by side.

“In addition to concrete and carpentry work, most of the technical systems and equipment must be updated. Ventilation, electrical systems, as well as lighting and safety equipment such as alarm and fire alarms, all up to the present standard. There will also be an automation system with a shade-system. We have good suppliers with us. Haaland AS does the electrical work and automation, and Haaland Ventilasjon AS performs the ventilation work. Brødrene Dahl AS does the plumbing, and Blikk Fasader AS is engaged on all facades, fittings, ceilings and windows. Nordland Lås AS delivers key systems and locks. In addition, we have in Interiørservice AS on paint and flooring and Firesafe AS on fire sealing.”

A tremendous pace and drive

“As a result of the project has grown in compexity and size, many of the employees have had to change their plans for the summer. There is a very good spirit on the site, and everybody is giving their best to finish the project!”

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