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The Coolest Mechanical Workshop in Northern Norway?

18. April 2019

Norway’s best one-stop shop in the field of mechanical services?

MOMEK Group has maintenance experience back to the start of Norsk Jernverk in the fifties. That is, we have 60-70 years of maintenance history in the industry. With this as our foundation, we have got a unique position with experience and expertise, and we have cultivated creativity, been solution-oriented and also given young professional workers replenishment with old experience.

This together with willingness, and young curious and nice boys and girls who have taken in use new technology has made us reasonably unique!

MOMEK Group mechanical workshop is located on the north of Norway’s largest industrial area, Mo Industrial Park. Our workshop today consists of a workshop hall of over 6000m2. In addition, we have a warehouse of 1000m2.

Warehouses and processing

In the beginning of the workshop we have our inventory. Raw metal are stored before processing and further production. Here we have 2 automatic saws that cut items up to a diameter of 500mm.

We have 2 cutting tables with plasma and gas. Plasma cuts up to 32 mm in stainless steel, and up to 200 mm in other materials. We can cut almost everything that is within the profession, but not tempered glass.

Furthermore, we have edge knuckles, plate shears and rollers, roller range 16×3000, minimum radius 480mm. We also have an industrial plumbing department at the start of our workshop.

Welding workshop

In our 1200m2 welding workshop we make welded constructions for eg. the smelting and mining industry in addition to the oil industry. Typical parts for crushers, dam hatches, lifting equipment.

Here we also have a crane capacity together with traverse cranes with lifting capacity of twice 20 tonnes, and can in principle lift 40 tonnes. And if that is not enough we can with the help of subcontractors in the industrial park lift more than double of this.

The production of casing mantles for the process industry is carried out with a welding robot. A mantle is a steel ring that holds the electrode mass in place, simply told a giant welding electrode for use in smelters. As of today, mantle production runs around the clock and mantles of 1.7 meters are manufactured with 1.9 meters in diameter.

White workshop

In addition to TIP and TIG welding, we have a white workshop where we weld products in stainless metals such as duplex and super duplex. After production, non-destructive testing, so-called NDT, is carried out to ensure that the products are by specification. Such products are often placed at the bottom of the sea or be mounted in a hydropower plant.

Maintenance and assembly workshop

We operate with laser alignment, vibration analysis, balancing of motors, fans etc. We are also certified as a fitter of SKF bearings. The department carries out maintenance work for the smelting industry, mining, power companies in Northern Norway and North Sweden. The department consists of experienced mechanics ready to react on short notice.

At the workshop we also have a 300 ton press for mounting or extruding components and casings.

And here too, we have twice 20 tons of lifting capacity on the traverse crane.

We also have a separate crane department, which certifies, maintains and sells cranes, as well as a separate rubber workshop which vulcanizes and maintains conveyor belts for process and mining industries.

Machinery workshop

Our largest machine is a CNC milling center with 6 axes. This has a work area of ​​1000x3500x10000mm, or 1 x 3.5 x 10 meters. The CNC milling center has a tool magazine of 60 tools, has a round food table that can take 40 tons, and a fixed table with a capacity of 60 tons. Large units are machined here, both for offshore, mining and mainland industry. Here we have had a lot of machining for eg the Aasta Hansten field.

We also have a “small” machine workshop that consists of dozens of controlled CNC milling / turning / machining centers.

A rarity at the workshop is a manual bench that can take items up to 8 meters.

Our largest CNC lathe has a controlled working area up to Ø1600 and length 4700mm. Here it is, for example, turned large intermediate shafts for winches, propeller bush and other larger parts for our main customers.

In a separate part of the machine shop we have the measuring room. The room is temperature controlled and is precisely set at 20 degrees Celsius. Topics are placed on a large stone slab, which again lies on air cushions to avoid vibrations from the surroundings. The measuring machine itself is a 3D Dea Global with a work area of ​​1200x2200x965mm and a measurement accuracy of 3 MY. For comparison, a hair strand is about 60 MY. If customer requires extra documentation then machined components are measured and documented prior to delivery.

Shipping, logistics and transport

In the end of the workshop, products are packaged and prepared for further transport by car or boat. MOMEK Group is directly affiliated with Rana Industriterminal, Mo Industripark’s own quay. Here, larger constructions are sent for delivery to the rest of Europe and the world.

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