3D Scanning

Get a complete and updated overview of your environment with 3D scanning.

3D scanning is a service that our engineering department provides. The scanning data consists of a point cloud with low margins of error and gives easy access to take measurements without being physically present on site. We use 3D scans actively in designing solutions and for planning projects.

MOMEK has great experience in scanning:
  • Process plants
  • Workshops
  • Mining areas
  • Piping installation, indoors and outdoors
  • Machine parts (to make production drawings)
  • Windmill segments (deviation control)

3D scanning from MOMEK makes your operations more effective in several ways. The 3D scan is a tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, from taking measurements, to making a 3D model of your facility or equipment. From the get-go you will have correct measurements and make changes accordingly. You can even use 3D scan to detect deviation on your equipment. Plan your projects with precision and avoid errors by identifying collisions and challenges early on.

To summarize:
  • Up to date data of existing buildings and products
  • Plan your projects with precision and avoid errors by identifying them early on
  • Identifying critical areas and collisions
  • Reduce cost and risk related to installation, and reduce downtime of production
  • Scan parts that are no longer in production and make production drawings to reproduce the part
  • Compare and inspect as built products versus 3D model for deviations
  • Tool for inspection, modelling and meshing
  • Easy access to cloud sharing platform where the customer can measure, navigate, and administrate the scans from any device.


Scanning equipment
  • FARO Focus S Plus 150
  • FARO Premium 70
  • Faro Freestyle 2
  • FARO Scene
  • FARO Sphere
  • Cyclone 3DR
  • Autodesk Recap
  • Autodesk Naviswork

Joakim Wist Larsen



joakim.larsen@momek.no +47 958 97 555