3D Scanning

Get a complete and updated overview of your environment with 3D scanning.

Calculate exact measurements and distances with low error margin. Easily turning detailed changes in the cloud into reality. MOMEK will help you get going with the program and all the tools.

  • Mines, industries, real estate etc.
  • Updated and correct construction documentations
  • Exact measurements with low error margin
  • User-friendly program

Precision in every step

Easily plan your project on the site or by the computer. With highly accurate scanning you can overview your site in 2D, 3D and virtual reality. Create solutions designed for your plant and your needs. Precise 3D models streamlines every step of production and installation.

  • Scan your site and plan your project
  • Calculate and design 3D models directly in the cloud
  • Construct models true to size and reality
  • Simplified assemblage


3D scanning from MOMEK makes you operations more effective in several ways. With updated construction documents you can foresee possible engagements need to be done. From start you will have correct measurements and make changes accordingly. To summarize:

  • Collect the right resources with effective calculations and planning
  • Make correct decisions based on true to life documents
  • Save time with fast deliveries and installations
  • Easy-to-share information with contractors and firms


Oddbjørn Fjesme



oddbjorn.fjesme@momek.no +47 902 31 302