PT Modular

Flexible, robust and hygienical solutions customizable for municipalities, road authorities, public transportation, port and harbours, mining industry, private companies, the military, refugee camps and disasters areas.

From standard to fully customized with extra design and features (eg national tourist routes). Developed together with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

  • Custom layout with toilet-rooms, shower, office and technical room.
  • Automation, control and system monitoring through 3G/4G.
  • Durable surfaces for long lifespan, easy cleaning and low maintenance.
  • Optional integrated septic tank for off-grid operation.
  • Diesel incinerator-system. Up to 562 visits pr. day (est).
  • Optional integrated water tank, optional water harvester on roof.
  • Diesel-generator, solar panels and batteries for off-grid operation.
  • An optional service-plan can be delivered with all PT Modulars

Andreas Lie


MOMEK PT MODULAR +47 958 28 606

Arne Holand

Section Manager, Melbu

MOMEK SERVICES, Melbu +47 900 94 399