MOMEK are actively contributing to the fulfillment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Taking into account how MOMEK may impact the environment, society and governance (ESG) and how ESG aspects effects our business, is essential for long time operations, and necessary for keeping a good reputation as sustainability awareness among all stakeholders is rising. ​

MOMEK will develop and implement sustainable practices in all its services and products, and will include social responsibility, business ethics and consideration of environmental aspects in our work. This includes the use of recycled materials, eco-design principles, and the development of products and services that contribute to a circular economy.

MOMEK Group is a group of industry related companies. We deliver technology, industrial maintenance, construction projects, and manufacturing services.

Our main asset is people.

Our key operations are situated in the Nordic countries. These regions are well-known for strong human rights and labour regulations. We promote equality and freedom in terms of religion, sexuality, gender, and freedom of speech. In MOMEK we use clean and renewable energy sources.


Sustainability-goals have been chosen based on relevance related to risks- and improvement possibilities:

  • Within our own business
  • Within our supply chain
  • Within our client operations
  • For the local communities where we operate

MOMEK Group aim to apply our operational skills, expertise, and technology to create better work environments for all. Our goal is to develop eco-friendly products and innovative solutions that focus on improving health and safety, addressing environmental concerns, reducing energy usage, enhancing waste recycling, and maintaining high product quality.

As an integrated part of our Quality and HSE-management systems, MOMEK Group annually carries out a due diligence assessment under the Transparency Act. This evaluation seeks to identify any existing or potential negative impacts on the environment, human rights, or decent working conditions. This applies to our own operations, our supply chain, and other business affiliations.

Our main product is our people. With 500 employees, taking care of them, as well as our business partners, represents one of our greatest responsibilities.

Building competence is crucial to our capability, flexibility, and robustness. The sustainability of our operations hinges on our expertise.

Diversity is the cornerstone of good decision-making. Currently, women make up only about 10% in MOMEK. We are influenced by the distribution of skills in the society, and we recognize the need to intensify our efforts towards improving gender balance.

Part of our vision is to create good work spaces, and one of our principles is that our employees are MOMEKs most important product.

Innovation is part of our core business. Our goal is to make eco-friendly products and introduce innovative solutions that emphasize enhancing health and safety, addressing environmental concerns, reducing energy usage, improving waste recycling, and maintaining high-quality product standards.

We are a provider of a wide array of services and products, operating across various markets. Our actions carry weight. By evaluating potential negative impacts of our activities and within our supply chain, we identify opportunities to enhance our operations and benefit our stakeholders.

MOMEKs environmental goals


50% of the vehicle fleet to be electric by the end of 2026.


20% reduction in energy for heating the workshop in Mo i Rana by the end of 2024.


10% reduction in the proportion of unsorted waste by the end of 2024.

In addition, each individual subsidiary in the MOMEK Group may decide on their own environmental goals. For each goal, plans and actions are being laid out for how we will achieve this.

Zero Injury Goal


TRIF = 0!
(Injuries with absence and medical treatment per 1 million hours worked)


Subgoal TRIF < 5 by the end of 2023


Total sick leave < 2.5%

 Safety first, always. Sometimes the most important work you can do is to stop working.

About The Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven)

Statement of Due Diligence Assessment 2022

Redegjørelse aktsomhetsvurdering 2022


Additional information

Are you seeking additional information about how we handle potential and actual negative consequences for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions? If so, you can send us a written inquiry.

We ask that requests for information be marked with “Åpenhetsloven” and sent to:, or by letter to: 

PO Box 523
8601 Mo i Rana

We will respond as quickly as possible, and no later than within three weeks. You can find more information about the duty of disclosure on the Consumer Authority’s website Consumer Authority’s website.